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Romney, a slightly less-old Hatch.

The Atlantic ran a story on April 6, 2017 about Mitt Romney considering a Senate bid for Utah. In it, the apocryphal “White Horse Prophecy” — the one where the Constitution will hang by a thread and Mormons will sweep in to save it — is cited as a very viable reason among high-level Utah Republicans into why Romney could be voted in.

But the threat to American Democracy probably won’t come from an audacious government meddling in the intimate affairs of everyday people. In fact, as Americans, we are mostly fine with meddling since we happily and voluntarily give our personal information “on the daily” to Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google.

There is, however, a very real threat to democracy that has been gaining momentum since Citizens United from corporations, the politicians that cozy up to them, and how these two actors work together to reshape society into one that favors them and only them. That is what is most concerning about Mitt Romney (maybe, possibly, conceivably) consider…