Statement on cabinet-level position and joint standing committee on Indian Affairs

I have been told that my people, Native people, will one day blossom as a rose on the desert. But I question how that can be possible when we are relentlessly blocked at every turn.

Being kept away from the decision-making processes is a policy more befitting of the 19th century than the 21st. States and the federal government aren't the only actors in federalism. Under the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution, Native nations are Sovereign political entities.

Since our peoples are systematically gerrymandered out of the political process, our political voices are disenfranchised. Ignoring our voices isn't only undemocratic, but a vestige of colonial racism that shouldn't be a part of our society.

This is a question of equality and political rights.

It is a painfully simple thing to do to have a cabinet-level position and create a joint standing committee. It's the right thing to do. And right now is the time to do it. It is something Native voters, we Native people, wan…

Speech at the First “Indigenous Peoples’ Day - SLC”

Indigenous Peoples are good at speaking and interpreting code. In World War II, our Dine’ grandfathers used the language of the People, Dine’ Bizaad, to send coded messages on the war-torn isles of the Pacific. The heroic valor of those Marines contributed to saving countless American lives, men and women, serving in the armed forces.

Speech Advocating for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

It has been said that it is good to start off your remarks with a joke. So let me give this a try:

Speech for Dreamers/DACA

Close to where we are today, my family and ancestors lived and died hundreds of years before the idea of “America” or a “United States” was even dreamed up. All across these lands Natives lived, worked, played, grew societies, raised families, faced hardships, and experienced joy for tens of thousands of years before the first European set foot on this land. We’re tied to this land, and our fate rests with it. So it is with strong conviction that I say that no, we’re not all immigrants.

The Future of Our Campaign

Dear Friends, As many of you have experienced, the path towards meaningful change does not come with a map. We encounter twists and turns that, though not unexpected, may be surprising in their magnitude. Nevertheless, we persist on.

Statement on the Paris Climate Agreement

Dear Friends,

Today, President Trump let down Americans and our neighbors across the world when he decided to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement. These actions prove that he is unwilling to do the minimum necessary to protect the ecological safety of the planet, the people who inhabit it, and the generations who will come after us. Global climate change is a very real issue for humanity and is something we cannot postpone addressing any longer.

Press Conference Remarks on Sen. Hatch’s Racially Charged Comments about “Indians don’t understand...”

Times, such as these, test the resiliency of our democracy and the ideal that we, as human beings, stand equal. It is difficult to believe that is the case when we review the history of our nation. Power has remained concentrated in the hands of a few — the wealthy, males, and whites. And although there have been many strides throughout our history to extend these rights to other groups, time and again we see this goal fall short.