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Address for the Standing Rock against Trump Rally in Salt Lake City

It’s good to see you all out here this evening, braving the cold. Thank you for showing your unwavering support and undying conviction to the cause.
For the past few months, I have been, to say the least, ‘unimpressed’ with “Generalissimo Donaldo.” His self-aggrandizing, wimpish, and unrefined persona is unbefitting for the office of President. He lives in a fantasy world and he is trying to transfer his delusions into our lives. At times, I have even remarked to friends that I feel like I’m living on the other side of the looking glass — a strange and dystopian future totalitarian state; where we now have “Alternative Facts” uncannily similar to the propaganda of historical revisionism the Ministry of Truth produced in George Orwell’s “1984.”
And while I lament over the spectacle that is Donald Trump, his bigotry, his racism, misogyny, and vulgarity — he is the result of a system of governance that is failing its people. The Great American Experiment of “the republic” is showing it ha…