The Future of Our Campaign

Dear Friends,
As many of you have experienced, the path towards meaningful change does not come with a map. We encounter twists and turns that, though not unexpected, may be surprising in their magnitude. Nevertheless, we persist on.
We persist on looking for innovative ways to achieve the goals we have set. We persist on because we know that if we do not, the outcome would mean that oppression would still rule, hate would still supersede love, and despair would crush hope.
So, along these lines, it is wiser and more prudent for me in this larger struggle for change, to suspend my U.S. Senate campaign and look at options that are better suited for me and my team—likely in the form of a more local race.
I want to stress that this decision is something I haven’t taken lightly or alone. Despite running a campaign we have been proud of, and doing so many things right, there are certain realities that must be acknowledged in order to be successful. Although the campaign has been met with excitement and staffed with amazing volunteers who believe in a vision for a better future, we would fall very short when it comes to raising the millions of dollars needed to challenge an established politician like Orrin Hatch. That is the reality of the situation.
We could continue to run this race, but only as a “principled protest” rather than a winning campaign — and I do not feel it is responsible for me to waste the time, money, and energy of my friends and supporters in this manner. False hope doesn’t get us any further in the struggle for change, and there is too much work to be done at the local level for us to focus our efforts where they are not the most useful.
For these reasons, I am exploring other political options. With the kind of grassroots support we have received, I believe we could be very successful in another race, and use that opportunity to make some real positive changes in the lives of Utahns, particularly for the most vulnerable and silenced populations.
At this time I want to extend my support towards Jenny Wilson, whom I believe has the best chance of representing the values of this campaign. Her work and experience will be invaluable in bringing​ together needed resources and communities to run a successful Senate campaign. Where she may need any kind of help, I will be ready to support her efforts to bring people-centered policies back to Utah’s federal delegation.
It’s time to see diversity represented among the ranks of the U.S. Senate, and for Utah to take a progressive step forward. Jenny Wilson is leaps and bounds ahead when it comes to experience and getting important work done in a hostile political climate. I hope we can quickly coalesce around her campaign and show much needed unity in the Democratic Party.
I understand that some of you may feel disappointed or even upset by the decision I have made to suspend this campaign for U.S. Senate, but I hope you will continue with me on this journey to positively impact our communities. I ask that you continue to be involved in activist groups and community organizations; that you help out in local elections; that you support efforts to hold politicians accountable for decisions and policies that maintain an imbalanced status quo and leave the majority of us high and dry. And above all, I ask that you continue to look for the good in everyone, because regardless of our affiliations, we are all in this together. We will be able to create the changes needed to have a better society, but it will not come from ideas alone. We need to demonstrate listening and leadership — attributes needed more than ever in this increasingly toxic political environment.
Thank you so much to all of you, especially my wife and family, my wonderful staff, and stellar volunteer crew. I love you so much and admire your work and dedication. I am privileged to have you believe in me. And remember, this is only the beginning! I hope that you will join our team as we move on to the next challenge.
In solidarity,

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