Statement on the Paris Climate Agreement

Dear Friends,

Today, President Trump let down Americans and our neighbors across the world when he decided to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement. These actions prove that he is unwilling to do the minimum necessary to protect the ecological safety of the planet, the people who inhabit it, and the generations who will come after us. Global climate change is a very real issue for humanity and is something we cannot postpone addressing any longer.

As I learned of the President’s decision to retreat from the battle of climate change, I thought of my indigenous brothers and sisters across the world who feel the effects of climate change first and hardest, and who stand on the front lines resisting. There is no reason why, in 2017, we do not have environmental sustainability and tackling global climate change as central tenets in how we govern and make policy.

I was also severely disappointed the President attempted to defend his decision with falsehoods and statements based on imagination instead of facts. It is clear that the duty to defend the environment rests not with the President or the EPA, but squarely upon our shoulders — the shoulders of the people.

We must rise, at this moment, and prove that we care about our air quality, our rivers, and our public lands. We must stand to secure a planet that can continually sustain human life. We must reduce our carbon emissions and average global temperatures. We must work hard to invest in sustainable energy infrastructure and secure good jobs. We must join and support environmental causes and keep this spirit of activism alive so that we can make meaningful changes. Today is our time to rise!

In solidarity,

James C. Singer

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