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Speech at #NoDAPL Day of Solidarity Rally (Nov. 15, 2016)

My heart is heavy as I watch in disbelief as men in uniforms, wearing bulletproof vests, wielding assault rifles, form lines and advance on the water protectors. Behind them are armored vehicles, the kinds used in times of war. In the air are helicopters, constantly vigilant of our protectors position on the ground. I see the bravery of the water protectors as they stand for Standing Rock. They’re met with pepper spray, literally hosed on them. They resist attacks from dogs, rubber bullets, and the eruption of guns. They’re herded like animals, marked with numbers, and hauled off -- because as Americans, we value profit over people. I am witnessing, before my eyes, the erasure of my people.

Prepared for Mayor’s Declaration of Native American Heritage Month 2016

My name is James Courage Singer. I’m a resident of Salt Lake City and I’m Navajo. I am one of the founders of the Utah League of Native American Voters — a nonpartisan organization that encourages informed and active participation in government and increasing understanding of public policy issues affecting Native Americans in Utah. We work to support indigenous collective action and facilitate conversations between tribes and public leaders.